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AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1808 (64-bit)

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is trusted antivirus and antispyware protection for available to download for free. In addition, the new included LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield checks web pages for thrts at the only time that matters - when you're about to click that link.

AVG Anti-Virus Free has these following ftures:

Award-winning antivirus and antispyware
Rl-time safe internet

Avant Browser 2011 Build 31

Avant Browser is a standalone appliion designed to expand ftures provided by Internet Explorer. It adds a bunch of ftures and functionalities to IE and its user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have stdily improved its reliability.

Avant Browser is freeware. That's right. 100% Free! No cost to you ever. No

IcoFX 2.0.1

IcoFX is an all-in-one solution for icon crtion, extraction and editing.

With a wlth of tools and more than 40 effects at your fingertips, there's virtually no limit to the icons you can crte. You can sily convert your favorite s into icons, or icons into s. IcoFX gives you the possibility to crte icon libraries or change icons inside exe files. Crte a favicon for your

CrossLoop 2.81

The CrossLoop appliion allows a person at one computer to view and/or control a remote computer. The person accessing the remote computer will be able to see the desktop, use the mouse and use the board. The CrossLoop appliion works grt for helping or being helped by friends and family or for being helped by CrossLoop's support specialists.
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Title: CrossLoop 2.81

SEUS Partition Master 9.1.0

As Partition Magic alternative, SEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a FREE ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and management utility. It allows you to extend partition (especially for system drive), manage space sily, settle low space problem on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) .

Resize/Move partition
Extend system drive
Copy & partition
Merge partition
Split partition

Core FTP LE 2.2 (Build 1692)

Core FTP LE - free software that includes the client FTP ftures you need. Ftures like SFTP (SSH), SSL, TLS, IDN, browser integration, site to site transfers, FTP transfer resume, drag and drop support, file viewing & editing, firewall support, custom commands, FTP URL parsing, command line transfers, filters, and much, much more!

This free, secure FTP client gives you a fast, sy,

Defraggler 2.07.346

Most defrag tools only allow you to defrag an entire drive. Defraggler lets you specify one or more files, folders, or the whole drive to defragment.

When Defraggler rds or writes a file, it uses the exact same techniques that uses. Using Defraggler is just as safe for your files as using .

At a glance, you can see how fragmented your hard drive is. Defraggler's drive map shows

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.51.2

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware can detect and remove malware that even the most well known anti-virus and anti-malware appliions fail to detect. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start.


Light speed quick scanning.
Ability to perform full scans for all drives.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Protection Module. (requires

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Review

BlueTrack™ Technology
BlueTrack Technology combines the power of optical with the precision of laser for remarkable tracking on virtually any surface.*

Plug-And-Go Nano Transceiver
Lve the Nano Transceiver plugged in when you’re on the go, or stow it in the mouse.

2.4 GHz Reliable Wireless
2.4 GHz wireless delivers a reliable connection with up to a 30-foot range, with virtually no interference.

10-Month Battery Life
Use your mouse without power interruption for up to 10 months on a single battery. Battery status indior tells you when battery power is low.

Flip in ® 7
sily switch between open with the click of a button.

4-way Scrolling
Scroll four ways for grter efficiency and comfort with Tilt Wheel Technology.

4 Customizable Buttons
Get quick access to the media, programs, and files you use most often with customizable buttons.

3 Yr Warranty

More Detail

Mobile 6.5.3 SDK

published a software development kit (SDK) of Mobile 6.5.3 on January 22 but abruptly pulled the relse this week.

The SDK was available for download and included emulator s to run a virtual copy of Mobile 6.5.3. According to ’s Mobile Dev Twitter page:

“With regards to 6.5 SDK, we prematurely relsed an untested SDK which was not rdy. We pulled it so proper testing can be completed…. we’ll def make an official announce when the SDK is rdy to go. Those responsible have been sent to the dungeons for execution.”

In other news, the mobile industry is gerly awaiting next months Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. It is widely expected that will share details of Mobile 7 during a press briefing at MWC.

Xbox 360 Console, 60GB Review

Thumbs Up:

High definition games can now be played, user friendly dash board interface, grt communiion and online gamming through Xbox 360, also works as an excellent media hub, you can watch , play songs, view data on memory cards, Marketplace lets you purchase shows, games, online, the console has 1080p HDMI support, cooler quieter processor.

Thumbs Down:

You need to pay for subscription to Xbox Live, no Blu-ray player, ‘red ring of dth’ still lurks.

Inside the Trunk:

Bundled accessories – 60GB external hard drive, Xbox Live hdset, Ethernet network cable

The Whiz Kid Spks:

The Xbox 360 is powered by PowerPC 3 cores 3.2 GHz. RAM is 512 MB ( 512 MB ) GDDR3 SDRAM – Integrated, of 1 MB cache memory, the hard is 60 GB.

Graphics card is ATI Xbox 360 – 256-bit – 2D/3D graphics acceleration and the maximum resolution is 1920X1080 or 1080p. Connectors include AV cable port, USB 2.0, HDMI output, Ethernet (RJ-45). The console is compatible with MS XP Media Center compatible. The optical drive is -ROM

Razzle Dazzle:

We all know what the Xbox 360 looks like, and this new update is nothing different from the previous product. But looks hardly matter when it comes to consoles; they just fit in a small place below your and sometimes are even not visible. Performance is what matters the most because you are not going to flaunt this console like you would with a mobile phone or a camera. This model weighs 8.8 pounds, is 3.27 inches high, 12.15 inches wide. 10.5 inches deep, this is a bit smaller than the previous Xbox, but weighs the same. If you rlly want your console to look good you can buy the faceplates which cost about $20.

Inside Dope:

We always thought that Xbox 360 was made by because it looked at ’s play station consoles as substitutes for computers and not to mention the grt gaming experience. But then has worked rlly hard and since then it hasn’t looked back. It first came in on November 2005 as the first next- console and had about an yr before the nrest competitor would launch their products. So they have quite a lot of time to make an impression on the market.

Cold War between iPhone and Android ?

On the same day the iPad is unveiled, it sounds like ’s exclusivity dl with AT&T may be expiring. If true, I can imagine Steve Jobs making this an important part of his announcements on January 27th:

“I’m excited to announce that starting today, the new iPhone will be available for any carrier in the United States to sell.”

What does this mn for Google though? One advantage of Google’s Android strategy is that it’s not limited to only one carrier — it’s available where the iPhone isn’t, and so far, that has worked alright. On the other hand, I don’t believe they have tapped the potential that exists outside of AT&T.

On Wednesday, Android may be directly competing with the iPhone. The question is what percentage of people who want to buy an iPhone has alrdy left their carrier and moved to AT&T, and how many are looking to jump ship as soon as possible from the carrier.

Considering the One flop (some say only 20,000 units sold on the first week), it will be interesting to see how no exclusivity for iPhone could make it even more difficult for Android to gain momentum.

If the non-exclusive thing happens, what do you think Android’s future looks like?

China Denies Cyber Attack on Google

After warning of strained U.S.-China relations, China's government has issued statements denying any state involvement in the cyberattacks on Google and defending its online censorship.

The statements, issued Monday Beijing time and carried on the state news acy Xinhua, come nrly two weeks after Google thrtened to pull out of the country after finding that e-mail accounts belonging to human rights activists had been compromised and separately deciding it was no longer interested in self-censoring srch results.

China's state-controlled media has torn into the US position, accusing America of "information imperialism", "hypocrisy" and "double standards" in order to preserve its status as the unchallenged global super-power.

Industry analysts are now waiting for the outcome of Google's talks with the Chinese authorities after Eric Schmidt, the company's CEO, said after relsing company results last week that he expected that Google would change its Chinese srch engine in "a short time".

Speed Up 7 in 4 Steps

7, supposedly the faster of the operating systems from , shows gradual signs of slowing down when continually used over a long stretch.

Before installing this operating system on your computer
, you should make sure that your computer meets the following basic requirements:

* Processor: 1 Ghz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
* RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
* Available Hard Space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
* Graphics Device: DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 or a higher driver

If your computer meets the aforementioned requirements then you can go ahd and install 7 on your computer.

* Shutting-it-down:The proper system configuration is a necessity for the speedy functioning of the system, but again it is not the only factor effecting the computer’s performance. The system tends to slow down even if used over a prolonged period of time. As such, you should make sure that you give your computer a bit of “rest” at lst once every week and completely shut it down.
* Periodically delete the temporary files from your PC: This helps the appliions to run faster on your system. For this type %Temp% in the run dialog box and press “OK”. A new folder will open up with the name “Temp” on the top menu bar. Here click Edit–>Select All and then File–>Delete.
* Perform a scan: This test checks if your drive is in a hlthy condition and also helps your computer run faster.
* Defragment the drives:Even though 7 is said to be the smarter and more efficient OS, it still suffers from fragmentation when involving alloion of free space to files on a magnetic . Consequently, more time is spent when inputting/outputting the files when the is highly fragmented. Thus, a regular defragmentation is necessary.To defragment the goto Start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>System Tools–> Defragmenter. Here, you can select the volume to be defragmented and the click “Analyze” and then “Defragment” to begin the defragmentation.You can select to defragment the volume one by one or all at once.

Internet Explorer 9 to enhance tabbed browsing

has filed a patent that revls Internet Explorer 9 is set to have better tab management options and enhanced functionality.

The patent, spotted by MVP Manan Kakkar, describes a system and method for selecting a tab within a tabbed browser. Originally filed in September 2009, the patent revls that the Quick Tabs fture in Internet Explorer is likely to be enhanced with better functionality and grter tab management options. In Internet Explorer 8 Quick Tabs simply display thumbails of all tabs open with the option to close them individually. The patent s revl that the following ftures will be included:

* Drag and move the tabs within the Quick Tabs interface.
* Tab thumbnails will enlarge on mouse-hover.
* In case your tab row was over flowing with tabs and in Quick Tabs you were to hover the mouse on a tab not currently visible on the tab bar, the overflow icons would change apprance.

originally announced and demonstrated Internet Explorer 9 at PDC 2009. IE 9 will take advantage of the power of the GPU for all page rendering and developers can this using CSS, DHTML and javascript. believes IE9 will result in smoother rendering and improved performance. Interoperability and standards support is incrsing and ftures such as rounded corner CSS support will be built in. A new JS engine will also be built into Internet Explorer 9. officials offered no time lines or indiions as to when a build of Internet Explorer 9 will be available publicly. Neowin understands are on target to provide an rly technical preview build at MIX 2010 in March.
Source: neowin

XPERIA X10 Review.

After successful launched of Google One mobile technology now is all set to launched it first ever Android mobile technology, the XPERIA X10, in London two months ago, but I had to wait for CES to get my first look at the device on this side of the Atlantic.

As you'd expect, the stand at the massive Electronics booth was crowded with people wanting to get a look at the handset. And there's no wonder why--the X10 is a sight to behold. Its slim profile and cln lines hit high on the buty scale, and I enjoyed how sturdy and comfortable it felt in my hand. Front and center is a brilliant display that msures 4 inches; that's bigger than the display on the Moto Droid.

Inside, the XPERIA X10 offers plenty to gape at. It runs on a Snapdragon 1GHz processor and offers an 8.1-megapixel camera with flash and recording, a music and player, Wi-Fi, GPS, a full Web browser, PC syncing and USB mass storage, a personal organizer, and a spkerphone.

The X10 runs Google Android, and adds on another interface layer with its User Experience Platform. Though we don't see any rson to hide Android behind a mask, the Timescape fture was somewhat appling. Like Motoblur on the Cliq, it organizes your communiion in a central place.

Srch Engine Optimization. (SEO Google)

Srch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from srch engines. Now a days Srch Engine Optimization is rlly getting engaged with a new website because with marketing you cannot rched to your global audience. So every new website need online presence which can only be done with Srch Engine Optimization (SEO) There are many factors include in Srch Engine Optimization process.

Srch Engine Optimization Includes:
On Page OptimizationOff Page OptimizationContent OptimizationLink Building
Optimizationwords OptimizationMeta's OptimizationInterlinkingSEO friendly Website
URL Structure etc.
These are the basic factors of Srch Engine Optimization, But there are several things include in it. Many SEO Companies are providing SEO services but a grt time to hire is when you’re considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be srch engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site.

Srch Engine Optimization and Website Page Rank

Srch Engine Optimization can also helps a website to achieve better and high PageRank which is now consider a most effective thing. Link building and proper SEO can helps your website to get higher and effective PageRank.
PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page's ranking in the srch results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

Google One Vs. iPhone 3Gs

Google One

Google One is google's new mobile technology which was introduce on 5, Jan 2010. This phone is seems to be Google first ever mobile technology. The phone is alrdy in use, and website log data suggest it is running Android 2.1. One is based on Android programming which Google own. Many people are comparing Google with iPhone 3Gs. But whats behind it we will comes to know soon.

Comparison of Google One with iPhone 3Gs.

Google One is slightly thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and slightly lighter. No hard specs were thrown around, unfortunately, since Google didn't even let people who they gave the phone to know that. The back is definitely not c and plasticky, like the iPhone's backing, and feels like some sort of rubbery material. So, not smooth like the iPhone, but not as rubbery as the Droid. It's halfway in-between.

You can call the design the antithesis of the Droid: smooth, curved, and light, instd of hard, square and pointy. It feels long and silky and natural in your hand—even more so than the iPhone 3GS. There are also three gold contacts on the bottom designed for future docking (possibly charging?) use, but there aren't any accessories available for the phone now. It plugs in via microUSB at the moment.

As mentioned above, that an iPhone 3GS is still competitive — and more than competitive in many ars like media, user experience, apps, etc. — with devices relsed this week like the One is a testament to just how well can make and support an iPhone. Even people still on the original iPhone 2G are enjoying a large part of the iPhone 3.1.2 OS relse just a few months ago. That’s ’s forte — integrated devices with killer usability and software updates that reset the standards of expectation.

The One, however, has all the best and brightest of the new technologies, like 1 GHz processors and AMOLED screens, augmented rlity and awesome voice support in the built-in apps. Some people rlly do consider to be fashion, or always want to have the very newest thing on the market, and given Android’s model — which produced the Droid two months ago and the One today — Google is going to be very appling to them.

If you buy a phone every yr or two, and want to build up your apps and accessories, the iPhone will likely keep you happy longer and more effortlessly. If you get bored sily and want something fresh faster, with more diversity, Android in eral and the One right now are where it’s at.

More information regarding iPhone 3Gs.
More information regarding Google One.

rn Free Gifts and Products at LOCKERZ

Today, i am sharring one of the popular and amazing website with you. Whos name is LOCKERZ. This website was launched rly 2010. The basic concept of this website is to promote product online and Send Free Gifts to their valuable users they didn't charge any thing for any product you just have to rn PTZ by various ways and then you can get any prize of your choice at free of cost of course. Many people had alrdy received their Free Gifts. You guys can also try it once at lst. You have nothing to loose but have many free gifts to rn.

Basic Concept of LOCKERZ

Lockerz is an invitation-only website crted to connect members through commerce, content and social networking. Once invited, you'll be able to watch exclusive , buy grt products, discover new music, play games, and connect with friends. You'll be able to do this all in one place, AND you'll get rewarded for just doing the things you love. When you watch a , play a game, or even log in, you'll rn Pointz (or "PTZ") Lockerz own form of currency. Turn around and redeem your PTZ for incredible merchandise, unique experiences and exclusive dls and sales. Our mission is to be your daily habit, not a site for your parents or grandparents looking for their long-lost friends from kindergarten. Thanks to our millions of members around the world, Lockerz is alrdy taking off beyond our grtest expectations. While still in beta, we've been sending today's most coveted items, from iPods to Xboxes, to members around the globe who have redeemed their PTZ and rned grt prizes. Too good to be true? Why are we doing this? To thank you for joining rly. To build a Lockerz community of lders and trendsetters. To give you a taste of how PTZ will work when we go live in rly 2010. And to test out different prizes and PTZ levels. That's . This version of PTZ Place is a test. PTZ levels will change when the full Lockerz site launches. We're excited to have our rly members join now, and explore and help shape the site before our official launch. We hope you'll join us.If you guys wants to try and rn Free Gifts then just lve your E-Mail Address here in Comments and i will invite you all within 24 hours or you can also Subscribe to this Blog or you can send us E-Mail directly by Contact Us at upper top right corner.Official Website: http://www.lockerz.com
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Free Web Hosting at 000webhost

I had been using Free 000webhosting service since a months and i rlly inspired by all the ftures which they are proving at free of cost. They are not only providing Free Web hosting but as well as cPanel fture for a Hosting. I think 000webhost is one of the best Free Web hosting website available today. I must say you all have to try it at lst at once and you will be plsed by their web hosting services.

Free Web Hosting Ftures include:

1500 MB Space, 100 GB Data Transfer

Every account receives 1500MB space and a whopping 100GB bandwidth, made possible by the unmetered connections our servers utilise. Should your site ever need more than our standard package can offer, we also offer a wide range of upgrade options.

P with MySQL Database Support

Unlike other free webhosts we do support P and MySQL with no restrictions. You get full access to the latest version of P and MySQL. The following P ftures are fully supported:

* P mail() function and Sendmail
* Curl, GD2 library, XML, Zend, .htaccess support
* fopen() and P sockets
* safe_mode is OFF, file uploads are ON
* Zend Optimizer support, Ioncube loader.. and much more ftures are enabled

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is the most advanced control panel in industry. It has tons of ftures and it is sy to use even for newbie. Interactive help, tutorials will help you to understand why cPanel is the best and you will never want to switch to anything else. cPanel is widely used by the paid hosts, but we are giving you it absolutely free!

Fantastico De Luxe 1-Click Autoinstaller

Finally! We are the first free webhosting company that gives you access to Fantastico Autoinstatler. Fantastico is a system designed to make installing popular scripts sy. If you want to improve your web site with a discussion forum or an online gallery to show everyone your latest holiday snaps, you can. With a few clicks of your mouse your web site will be transformed into a fantastic resource for you, your business or your family.

Fantastico can install over 40 popular scripts such as: Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla, Xoops, WordPress, b2evolution, Support Logic Helpdesk, pBB2, SMF, OS Commerce, ViPER Guestbook, Coppermine Photo Gallery, PWiki, Pauction, WebCalendar and more. To see full list of available installations click here.

Website Builder Software

Our hosting is supercharged with SiteReptile website builder. SiteReptile is the siest to use website builder in the market. Just 3 steps (enter your login details, select one of 330 high quality templates and click 'publish') and your website is rdy online for editing. Just one click - and you have subpage crted or contact form inserted.

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Google Chrome 4.0.302.2 Relsed

The dev channel has been updated to 4.0.302.2 for , Mac, and Linux.
[r36632] We now only use our own FTP parsing ; plse file bugs if you encounter any problems while navigating FTP sites. (Issue: 25520)

See All

[r35949, r36195, r36432, r36437, r36562, r36582] Various improvements to the bookmark manager.
[r35959] Fix mis-sized download shelf close button. (Issue: 31785)
[r35977, r36087, r36088, r36096, r36557] Enable the task manager. (Issue: 13156)
[r36016] Support pinch to zoom on the Mac. (Issue: 16305)
[r36021] Implements context menus for Page and Browser Actions. (Issue: 30655)
[r36124] Eliminate Helper zombies. (Issue: 32001)
[r36242] Quake Live Plugin will now load. (Issue: 24788)
[r36259, r36370] Fix issues with browser action popups. (Issues: 32161, 31097, 32162)
[r36416, r36533, r36554] Support plugin cursors, and fix cursor flicker with fullscreen plugins. (Issue: 20717)
[r36422] Improve scroll performance on some sites, e.g. http://www.starcraft2.com/faq.xml (Issues: 502056, 28954)
[r36182] Controls in QuickTime content now work. (Issue: 24952)
[r36361] Double-clicking a plugin will no longer select it. (Issue: 31358)

[r36423] Theme the NTP with GTK+ colors when matching GTK. (Issue: 29948)
[r36073] Fix to way we identify the active window. (Issue: 31971)

Known Issues
[OS-MAC] Cookie manager crashes (Issue 32596, 32627)
[OS-MAC] Bookmark manager crashes (Issue 32733, 32732)
[OS-MAC] Sporadic flash plugin crashes (Issue 32748, 32732)
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revision.
You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here: rly Access Relse Channels (Chromium Developer Documentation).

If you find new issues, plse let us know by filing a bug at Project hosting on Google .

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome

Download: Google Chrome 4.0.302.2 Mac Linux

Google relses first One software update

After the successful launced of Google first Android based Smartphone Google One, now Google has relsed a firmware update for its One smartphone, which fixes a few bugs whilst also bringing some pretty major ftures.

The first change is that under the All Apps menu, Google Goggles will now be available directly from your One, with Google saying, “Just use your One camera to start srching the web.” Google Maps has undergone an update, bringing it to version 3.4, with the following changes (according to Google’s One blog post):

* Starred items synchronized with maps.google.com – access your favorite places from your phone or computer.
* Srch suggestions from your personal maps.google.com history – makes it sy to srch places you’ve srched for before.
* Night mode in Google Maps Navigation – automatically changes your screen at night for sier viewing and driving.

Perhaps the biggest improvement, however, is that the One now supports a pinch-to-zoom gesture in the Browser, Maps and Gallery appliions. This is a pretty major fture for users of the phone, who will no doubt get a lot of use out of it. Lastly, Google fixed some 3G issues, mning it should now have somewhat improved connectivity.

The firmware will download over the air if you own a One, mning you should see a notifiion in the phone’s status bar when it’s rdy to be installed. If you don’t, be patient – Google hopes that everyone will have the update by the end of the week.

Launches Silverlight For Facebook

Facebook and have partnered to crte a standalone Facebook client powered by the new Silverlight 4 Beta technology. The client allows you to browse and interact with Facebook with a completely different interface, and a glossy one at that. To be completely honesty, the client is gorgeous, and the complete integration with Facebook legitimately makes this a better way to browse Facebook than Facebook.com itself, in my opinion.

Starting up the Silverlight client, you’re first bombarded with a series of permissions dialogs, asking whether you are are willing to allow the appliion to have access to every aspect of Facebook: News Feeds, Wall, Messages and more. The process isn’t overly annoying, because frankly, as Facebook users, we’ve come to expect the permissions requests before utilizng appliions. The Facebook Connect permissions dialogs are pretty standard across sites, and lend a bit of authenticity to appliions.

After this process, you arrive at the hrt of the client, and it is quite striking in a complete black finish. Silverlight rlly demonstrates its strength here, with lots of available space and big fonts. Browsing is quite sy, and my various friends lists are listed along the left side of the client. The most impressive element of the new interface is the photo album on the right side, it’s a unique way of showing the recent photos within my network. The events tab is also a completely superior alternative to the way that the Facebook Events calendar can be viewed.

One glaring omission is in the system is Facebook Chat, but I imagine this is part of future relses. Another problem was the lack of srch anywhere on the client: At lst give me a Bing or something. Finally, I had a rl problem when trying to look at some specific photos from my friends feed, I kept getting this error: ”the owner of this album did not make this available to this appliion”. Appliions themselves are not available on the client, understandably.

Google Revl Chrome OS tablet concept

Google’s upcoming Chrome OS is being primarily designed for netbook computers, which has shown its interest in tablet computing with its browser-based Chrome OS, it could be the idl operating system to run on a tablet device – and this is an option that Google is considering. More information about how the new operating system could be optimised for such a form factor is revled in documentation on Google’s Chromium projects website.

On Monday, Glen Murphy, a user interface designer for Google's Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system based on it, pointed to and concepts of a Chrome OS-based tablet that went live two days before the iPad launch. Apparently nobody noticed initially, because only now did Murphy tweet, "Apparently our tablet mocks have been unrthed."

The site also shows the array of devices Google envisions for Chrome OS.

"While its primary focus is Netbooks, Chrome OS could eventually scale to a wide variety of devices. ch would have vastly different input methods, available screen space, and processing power," according to the Chromium form factors site. Chromium is the name of the open-source developer project that underlies the branded Chrome product.

It's possible that Chrome OS could be an sier sell on tablets than on Netbooks, the class of device on which Google said it plans to launch Chrome OS. Netbooks often are used as eral-purpose PCs, so the browser-based philosophy of Chrome OS is a more jarring transition.

Today's tablets, in contrast, tend to focus more on a collection of specialized uses such as rding books, surfing the Net, and chores that only require light typing. With that approach, Chrome OS's brk from the PC world could be less jarring. The tablet market isn't as big as the Netbook market, though.

The ids are only mock-ups, but Google has established itself as a rl if not dominant force in the computing industry. Its Android mobile phone operating system is incrsingly influential, and its Chrome browser continues to stdily grow in usage.

7 RC expiration begins in two weeks

A reminder for the expiration of 7 Relse Candidate (RC) has issued by . Users will get their notifiion.

7 RC does not expire until 1 June 2010 but from February 15 users will begin seeing expiration notifiions in the task bar one time per day and then a Notifiion Wizard one time every four hours and then one time every hour. After March 1 7 RC users will experience shut-downs every two hours. A brief summary of the events can be found below:

Effective February 15, 2010, the expiration notifiion process begins:

* 7 RC users receive an expiration notifiion in the task bar one time per day.
* 7 RC users are presented with the Notifiion Wizard one time every four hours and then one time every hour.

Effective March 1, 2010, 7 RC enters the next phase of expiration:

* Expiration notifiions in the task bar continue.
* Computers that are running 7 RC restart every two hours.

Effective June 1, 2010, 7 RC expires:

* starts to a black desktop.
* 7 RC users are presented with a screen. The screen states that the that you are running is not uine.
* Computers that are running 7 RC restart every two hours.

10 Things You Didn't Know About the BlackBerry

Many business peoples are using BlackBerry smart phone, but many of them don't know exactly the main and crucial functions of BlackBerry. Today i will tell you some unseen functions and things which you never know about BlackBerry smart .

Here's a quick checkout of some facts that either were news to me or that I'd forgotten along the way in between RIM's assorted legal battles and new product launches:

1. The U.S. government uses more than 500,000 BlackBerries.

2. RIM co-CEO and co-founder Mike Lazaridis, taking a page from Bill Gates' book, dropped out of college before starting the company.

3. Lazaridis was born with the first name Mihalis in Instanbul, Tur.

4. Lazaridis accepted an Oscar for technical achievement from actress Anne Heche for RIM's Digisync Bar Rder.

5. The White House installed its first e-mail services under President George H.W. Bush; Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 2006 unveiled his official portrait, fturing a BlackBerry in the background.

6. RIM's first job was a $600K dl with eral Motors for networked terminals designed to show displays to assembly line workers.

7. The first true BlackBerry, the 950, was -named LpFrog.

8. Lazaridis said during the rly 2000s that there were 16 million lines of in the BlackBerry.

9. In November 2005, Oprah Winfrey gave away BlackBerry 7105t devices to attendees of her pre-Christmas givway show.

10. The BlackBerry Storm had been known during development as "Thunder."

iPad possibility to connect with 7

According to Critix, Users will be able to run 7 on the new iPad when it relsed in March, at lst virtually. The Receiver software currently works with the iPhone and iPod, allowing users to virtually connect to from your device.

The Receiver software works with unmodified 7 appliions. The company mentioned in their blog that the iPad will be perfectly suitable to support a 7 virtually:

“It turns out the 9.7 inch display on the iPad with a 1024×768 screen resolution works grt for a full VDI XenDesktop. appliions run unmodified and securely in the data center, and even multiple appliions at once.“

Vice President Chris Fleck said, “If your company has XenDesktop or XenApp you will be happy to know you will be able to use your iPad for rl work as well.” The virtualization software alrdy works grt on the iPad SDK kit, and the company promises the appliion will be rdy when the iPad launches.

Google Pays 500$ for Chrome Bug Reports

Google has announced a bug-bounty program that will pay resrchers $500 for ch vulnerability they report in the Chrome browser and its underlying open-source .

In a post to the Chromium project's blog , Chris Evans, who works on the Chrome security tm, said the base bounty would be $500, but that "particularly severe or particularly clever" bugs would rp rewards of $1,337 ch.

The latter amount is a reference to "leet," a kind of geek-spk used by some resrchers; there, "leet" is rendered as "1337."

New vulnerabilities in Chrome, Chromium -- the open-source project that Google uses to craft Chrome -- and plug-ins that ship with Chrome, such as Google Grs, are eligible for bounties, said Evans. Bugs that are ranked "high" or "critical" in Chrome's rating system get preference, he added, but others may be considered.

"We are hoping that ... this program will encourage new individuals to participate in Chromium security," said Evans. "The more people involved in scrutinizing Chromium's and behavior, the more secure our millions of users will be."

"Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox...those browsers have been out there for a long time," said Pedram Amini, manager of the security resrch tm at 3com's Austin, Tex.-based TippingPoint, which operates Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), one of the two best-known bug-bounty programs. "But Chrome, and now Chrome OS, need resrchers. Google needs people to put eyes on the target."

Google's new bounty program isn't the first from a software vendor looking for help rooting out vulnerabilities in its own , but it's the largest company to step forward, Amini said. , for example, has traditionally dismissed any calls that it pay for vulnerabilities. "This will be beneficial to Google," Amini added. "There are actually very few vendors who play in the bounty market, but Google doing it is definitely interesting."

Both Amini and Google's Evans cited Mozilla's similar program as the first notable vendor-sponsored bounty. Mozilla kicked off a $500-per-vulnerability bounty in August 2004 that it is still in operation. The Mozilla program pays for bugs in the used to crte Firefox, Thunderbird and other open-source appliions.

Mozilla declined to comment on Google's decision to pay bounties, or answer questions about the current status of its own bug bounty program.

shows Flashed iPad

Will 's new iPad support Flash when it ships in March? Not if you trust Steve Jobs' much-picked-over presentation in San Fran on Wednesday - or the current EULA attached to the device's beta SDK. But for some rson, the marketing materials on the website tell a different story.

If you watch 's promo - available either here () or here (YouTube), depending on whether you want to register your precious click in Cupertino or Mountain View - you'll notice that the iPad is displaying Flash content in a New York Times story.

We highly doubt the is displaying some sort of top-secret HTML5-enabled NYT page that was unavailable for Jobs to use during his demo. Either has Flash running on its tablet or someone in marketing didn't want to display NYT pages without colorful slideshows and had the mocked up to look like a Flash browser.

In a blog post rlier this week 's Adrian Ludwig barked that if you want to view one of the millions of web sites that use Flash on your iPad, you'll be "out of luck," citing s from 's iPad launch event.

If you were one of the few who attended the iPad's roll-out on Wednesday in San Fran, you would have witnessed Flash content in an NYT demo not appring when Steve Jobs scrolled through a Flash-enabled page.

does not allow Flash on the iPhone, and iPad apps will share the same SDK. On Wednesday, relsed a beta incarnation of the iPhone SDK - version 3.2 - that adds certain support for the iPad. As of Friday morning, 's iPhone Developer Program Agreement (PDF) still says the platform can't run interpreted , which includes Flash.

crdit: the register

Mozilla Relsed first mobile Firefox Browser

Mozilla has officially relsed the first mobile Firefox, a condensed version of the popular open-source browser that runs on 's Maemo platform.

named 'Fennec,' Firefox 1.0 for Maemo was previously available only as a beta. Mozilla calls this the first mobile web browser to accomodate add-ons - long a staple of the Firefox desktop browser. More than 40 add-ons are alrdy available for the new mobile platform, including AdBlock Plus, the most famous of Firefox extensions.

The inaugural mobile Firefox also offers Mozilla's Awesome Bar, a way of quickly returning to sites you've visited in the past; the new Wve Sync tool, for synchronizing bookmarks and other Firefox settings across multiple machines; and, yes, those familiar Firefox tabs.

Two days ago, when it pushed out a third relse candidate for Firefox mobile 1.0, Mozilla removed support for an plug-in, saying it had "degraded the performance of the browser to the point where it didn't meet our standards." Instd, the open sourcers urge you to install a YouTube Enabler add-on that will at lst let you watch Googles on the browser.

The new browser runs on Maemo 5, which mns your only smartphone option is the 990. You can download the browser here.

Mozilla is currently alpha testing a version of Fennec for Window Mobile, and it has prototyped Firefox browsers for Google's Android platform. But it has no intention of building anything for the iPhone. , you see, doesn't allow interpreted of the Jesus Phone, and Mozilla won't waste time trying to put Firefox where it's "not wanted." ®

world's biggest technology company

Drops to Second Place

has becomes the world's biggest technology company, after 2009 sales of its devices hit $117.8 billion.

, who was formally one in the technology sector, managed an impressive but not good enough $114.6 billion for the yr, some three billion less than .

A major drive in the market, camera market and memory chips have shot up the technology charts. It was obvious by its massive presence at CES 2010 that the company was destined to rch the top spot at some point this yr.

Gap in profits

The only sector where seems to have dropped the ball money-wise is in the mobile phone market.

Although its relsing a multitude of on to the market, Jae Lee, of Daiwa Securities, feels this is a place the company could strengthen, telling CNN: "Compare it with . There is still a gap in profit margins of their phone businesses."

10 ftures should include in Mac OS X 10.7

Mac websites exploded in a frenzy of excitement recently when it became clr development machines running Mac OS X 10.7 were online.

The thing is, you'd have been crazy to think that was somehow done with its desktop operating system after Snow Leopard.

In fact, if 's track record's anything to go by, a road-map will be announced in the not-too-distant future, and we'll perhaps see a preview at WWDC, with a relse date in rly 2011.

But the fact that 's working on Mac OS X 10.7 - named Lion, Ocelot, Lynx, or, er, Lol, depending on which rumour you subscribe to - isn't interesting in itself. What we'd love to know is what new ftures it'll bring to the party.

We've listed what we'd like to see below; post a comment if we've missed something from your wish list.
A Unified InterfaceSystem-wide tagging and smart collectionsSuperior SpotlightBetter StacksMore multitouchConfigurable SpacesCloud servicesFinder tabs and enhancementsEmbrace third-party servicesAvailabilty of more Mac App Store

7 reduced Vista laptops battery life

Laptop owners upgrading their XP and Vista machines to 7 are complaining that 's new OS has severely reduced their available battery life.

One user tells The Reg that after upgrading his circa 2007 notebook from Vista to 7, the machine's battery life dropped from two hours to a half hour, and countless others are voicing similar complaints on 's TechNet forums.

The problem is caused by a new tool designed to alert users when their battery needs replacing. In some cases, according to TechNet posts, this alert apprs time and again - even as a battery continues to run as it always did - falsely warning that the machine may suddenly shutdown. But in other cases, the machine does shutdown prematurely. It would seem this occurs well before the battery has run out of juice.

In a statement sent to The Reg, has acknowledged the issue, saying it's related to the way 7 rds system firmware. "We are investigating this issue in conjunction with our hardware partners," the statement rds. "The warning received in 7 uses firmware information to determine if battery replacement is needed. We are working with our partners to determine the root cause and will update the [Technet] forum with information and guidance as it becomes available."

According to some users posting to Technet, the issue dates back several months, to the 7 beta. But others say they didn't see a problem until the final "relse to manufacturing" (RTM) build. "I was having excellent battery life until I installed the RTM of 7 - all RC and beta builds that I installed I had nrly three hours of battery. Now, I have about 20 minutes and Win7 shuts down my laptop," writes one user.

"This change in behavior happened when I went from an RC to RTM. Instant behavior change. Needless to say, I - like you that have posted here - [am] not happy."

confirms that its "consider replacing your battery" warning is new to 7. But the company also says that in some cases, the new tool may be working properly. In other words, if it says your battery needs replacing, it may need replacing. But for so many laptops owners posting to TechNet, this is clrly not the case.

One poster says the problem has occurred on the same machine with two different sets of batteries. "At first, I was thinking the laptop is a couple yrs old, and sat on a shelf gathering dust, not being stored properly," he writes. "I went to replace the batteries, and rlized that had recalled them. So i replaced them with brand new batts from the factory. And wala! same issue."

According to posts, the issue occurs across many multiple laptop makes and models, and 's statement seems to confirm this is the case. ®

's Boost 7 as Record Selling OS

With a boost from the relse of 7, on Thursday said that its quarterly revenue topped $19 billion as the company sold a record of copies of its operating system.

The software maker said it rned $6.66 billion, or 74 cents per share, on revenue of $19.02 billion for the three-month period that ended December 31. Those results included revenue deferred from the prior quarter, as the company was preparing for 7 and offering free upgrades to those who bought Vista-based computers. Excluding the deferred revenue, said it had revenue of $17.31 billion, and diluted rnings per share would have totaled 60 cents per share.

"Exceptional demand for 7 led to the positive top-line growth for the company," chief financial r Peter Klein said in a statement. "Our continuing commitment to managing costs allowed us to drive rnings performance ahd of the revenue growth."

Chief Operating r Kevin Turner touted the record quarter for unit sales, spurred by the Oct. 22 launch of 7. "We are thrilled by the consumer reception to 7 and by business enthusiasm to adopt 7," he said in a statement.

The company said that through the end of December it had sold more than 60 million 7 s, which it said made 7 the fastest selling operating system in history.

In October, reported better-than-expected sales, also boosted by stronger demand for .

The company said overall PC sales grew 15 percent to 17 percent in the quarter, although that was led by a 20 percent growth in consumer sales as the business market remained roughly flat. The market for new servers remained wk, down slightly yr over yr, although 's server and tools business unit managed to grow revenue 2 percent as compared with a yr ago.

's online unit saw its revenue dip 5 percent, led by a 2 percent drop in online advertising, although the company noted that its Bing srch engine continues to gain market share.

The Business Division, which includes , saw sales off 3 percent, perhaps as customers await this yr's launch of 2010.

On the Xbox side, said it sold 5.2 million consoles during the quarter, down 13 percent from a yr ago, lding the entertainment and devices unit to post a double-digit decline in revenue.

The company didn't give a full forecast for the coming quarter, saying it would have more to say on a 2:30 p.m. PST conference call. It did tell analysts to expect operating expenses for the full fiscal yr ending June 30 to total $26.2 billion to $26.5 billion.

Here's a chart of how ch of 's individual business units performed:

Google likely to face questions on ads, says

Corp.'s top lawyer said Monday that Google will inevitably have to answer questions about its huge market share in selling advertisements linked to results from its srch engine.

's eral counsel Brad Smith said the srch advertising market has become "the fundamental economic engine for content online" and "the gateway to content on the Internet."

"Whenever you have a company that has more than a 90 percent market share in a market, it is inevitable that people will have questions to ask. We say that with some experience," he said after giving a speech in Brussels.

Unlike , Google Inc. has never been formally investigated by the Europn Union executive and the only EU scrutiny of its advertising business came when it asked regulators to approve its $3.1 billion purchase of online ad tracker DoubleClick. The EU waved through the dl in March 2008.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said rlier this month that French antitrust regulators should look at Google's dominant position in the online ad sector.

However, the Europn Commission, which would dl with any Europe-wide competition problem, has said it sees no issue with Google's dominant position in advertising unless there is "any impliion or suspicion" that it is abusing its nr-monopoly to hike prices or squeeze rivals and suppliers.

Smith confirmed that sees Google as a direct rival, saying they were both active in some of the same product markets.

trails Google in srch, with a Europn market share of 2 percent. But provides the most-used Web browser, Internet Explorer, which competes with Google's Chrome and others.

Smith laid out his vision of what regulatory changes are needed to keep pace with a shift toward cloud computing -- where software services are used online, on-demand, instd of stored on a user's computer.

He said that calls for new thinking on data privacy, saying ultimately a global trty on data protection or free trade agreements may be needed to govern the constant data transfers across the world that will be part of cloud computing.

He said Europe's 27 governments should set an EU-wide ddline on how long companies should store data -- Smith suggested 12 months -- to replace the current work of limits between six months and two yrs.

also advoes a federal privacy law in the United States, he said, and is concerned about different laws emerging at state level.

Smith said security concerns may require giving the right to cloud service providers -- such as -- to take legal action to sue s or others who try to into data hosted in "the cloud."

He said 's vision of cloud computing saw its own proprietary software in use alongside open source programs -- with both using "open formats" to allow different software to work smoothly together.

EU regulators fined in 2004 for not providing technical information to rivals that wanted to make software compatible with 's servers. The company last yr promised changes to share some data on its products with others.

Is 8 for July 2011?

Is looking to close the gaps between major OS updates? A posting on an MSDN blog may shed some serious light on ’s upcoming relse schedule. According to Chris Green, a developer who recently finished working for , 8 mainstrm support is targeted for 07/01/2011 which is the first date that we have seen regarding the relse of ’s next OS.

Other dates of interest are for 2012 which shows a targeted date 7/2/2012. While there is a lot of speculation involved with the relse dates mentioned, some of the dates are correct for previous launches. The chart stipulates 2010 for a June relse and we know that this has alrdy been confirmed by .

The dates, as always, should be taken with a grain of salt. But, the depth and detail of the chart is impressive and should give us a rough estimate of ’s upcoming plans. The full chart is posted below, (warning: PDF).

Download: MS Roadmap

iPad Announced, Starting Price $499

Today, ’s CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage to introduce a new device named the iPad.

Jobs began by revling that has rched 250 million iPod sales to date. He then revled that “ is the largest mobile devices business in the world today.” Moving on throughout Jobs speech he questioned whether there is room for a third egory device in-between a laptop or a smart-phone. Jobs then mocked competitors for investing in netbooks and immediately revled the iPad.

Jobs went on to demonstrate several ftures including browsing, Photos and built-in slideshows. The iTunes store is also built in and the usual suspects of a mail, contacts and calendar appliions are available. Jobs also demonstrated the maps appliion and its loion ftures.

YouTube HD support is also included and Jobs demonstrated various s during his note. After the demonstrations Jobs moved onto the specifiions:

* 0.5″ thin
* Weighs 1.5 pounds
* 9.7″ IPS display
* 1GHz A4 processor
* 16, 32, or 64GB of flash storage
* 802.11n, WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1
* 10 hours battery life

Various appliions were demonstrated on the new iPad, some run at full resolution with slight pixelation whilst others run at their native resolution which seems far from idl. A New York Times appliion was also demonstrated briefly that syncs between the iPhone app and includes in-line clips.

Later in his speech Jobs priced up data plans for the iPad over 3G, AT&T will be offering the following:

* 250MB monthly data limit for $14.99 – No contract
* Unlimited data for $29.99 – No contract

International data plans will be revled in June.

The iPad will be available in two months time for the WiFi only version and three months time for the WiFi and 3G version. Pricing of the devices will be:

* 16GB WiFi only $499, WiFi + 3G $629
* 32GB WiFi only $599, WiFi + 3G $729
* 64GB WiFi only $699, WiFi + 3G $829

also announced a case and board dock accessory for “when you rlly need to do a lot of typing” said Jobs.

News of the announcement saw ’s (AAPL) stock drop over 1% initially and later recovered and rose 1%.

Latest of Google Voice in iPhone

Check this of Google Voice in your iPhone and Mobile browser.

No Limits on Google Android says China

China assure mobile phone companies using Google's Android operating system that they won't be hurt by a dispute over Web censorship, saying the technology will be allowed if it complies with regulations.

Google Inc. postponed the launch of its own smart phone in China following its Jan. 12 announcement that it will no longer censor srch results. Others also are developing Android-based and could be hurt if Beijing tries to penalize Google by barring its use.

"As long as it fulfills Chinese laws and regulations and has good communiion with telecom operators, I think its appliion should not have restrictions," said Zhu Hongren, a spokeman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at a regular news briefing when asked whether Beijing would permit use of Android.

The comments reflect the conflicting pressures on the communist government, which insists on controlling information but needs foreign companies like Google to help achieve its goal of making China a technology lder.

The operating system is one of a mobile phone's most basic elements and changing it after products alrdy have been launched would be costly, said Ted Dn, managing director of BDA China Ltd., a Beijing resrch firm.

"There's a pretty significant upfront investment in developing a phone on one operating system," Dn said. "So you don't want to change course on so basic a system as what operating system it works on."

Facebook Top Social Network on Opera Mini in 2009

Since Opera is extremely popular in South Asia, Opera’s state of the mobile web report is some what skewed towards South Asian countries. Due to this rson VKontakte used to be the top social network on Opera Mini – as it is extremely popular in Russian spking countries. However, Facebook has overtaken VKontakte in terms of unique users in 2009. Twitter is another success story, which has managed to grow by almost 2,900% amongst Opera’s users. The only social network to lose users is Frienster, which saw a usage decline of 29%.

From this report, as is also evident from a lot of other reports before it, 2009 could rlly be termed as the yr of Facebook by all counts. From Facebook’s performance during the previous yr, we can safely say that it is not a question of “if”, but “when” Facebook becomes the top web property world wide.

Source: AllFacebook

Google Voice finally on iPhone 3Gs

Google's end run around 's App Store is complete: Google Voice is rdy as a Web appliion.

Owners of the iPhone and Palm's WebOS devices can now get in on the mobile Google Voice experience with the Web app, which will run in the browsers of i with the 3.0 software installed and all Palm WebOS devices, said Vincent Paquet, senior product manager at Google. The appliion should be available for current users of Google Voice--which is still an invitation-only service--as of Tuesday at m.google.com/voice.

Google Voice allows incoming calls to ring mobile , , or desk depending on how the user sets their Google Voice profile. It also trts voice mail like e-mail, transcribing voice messages into an in-box where they can be rd and deleted.

Last yr Google submitted a native version of Google Voice to in hopes of getting the software onto the iPhone. As most will recall, and Google then entered into a semantic war of words over whether rejected the appliion (Google's version) or merely continues to study it ('s version). Either way, the FCC got involved and Google Voice remains in App Store limbo, Paquet said.

"We haven't had any updates regarding our native app for the iPhone, unfortunately," Paquet said. However, now that the Web app is rdy iPhone users will be able to get essentially the same experience that the native app would have delivered, although the user interface will be slightly different because the appliion will be running in the browser. Paquet declined to comment on whether Google plans to continue the App Store approval process with the native version.

The Web appliion is another sign of Google's strong desire to encourage people to think of Web-based appliions as a rdy alternative to native appliions. The company has spoken about its plans for Web development at length, and even plans to develop a lightweight operating system based on its Chrome browser as a sort of proof-of-concept for the Web development mindset.

Google to ape with One 3G

Google's One is following in the iPhone's footsteps. Its 3G connectivity is spotty, and Google is hurrying a , just as was forced to do when it introduced the iPhone 3G.

Thanks to some sharp eyes at Cnet's Deep Tech, we've been alerted to a blog post in the One help forum in which an apologetic Googler writes that, yes, Mountain View is aware of the 3G problems "some of you have been facing," and that help is on the way.

"Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users," he writes. "We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so."

If this sounds like the proverbial déjà vu all over again, that's because Google's 3G travails mirror those of 's iPhone 3G, which also had a rough time out of the gate when it came to 3G connectivity.

The iPhone 3G's OS was not once but twice before the problems faded - but not before was thrtened with a class-action lawsuit due to its poor initial performance.

The relationship between and Google may be icing up - so much so that is reportedly thinking of jumping in bed with Bing - but it apprs that Mountain View still has a thing or two to lrn from .

PlayStation 3 Firmware by iPhone

With the arrival of every new console comes a race for s to their way through the new toy's security, and the PS3, after just over six months, has finally been defted.

An has been found in versions 1.10 and 1.11 of the PS3 firmware which has allowed one cunning to boot up copied versions of PS3 games.

Up to this point, just about every gaming console--from the Xbox 360 to the Nintendo DS--has been in some way, usually to allow it to play pirated games. This excluded the PlayStation 3, which remained un for over three yrs, lding many to believe that it is virtually impossible to .

Unfortunately for , the PS 3’s security strk ended today. George Hotz, most famous for being the first person to the iPhone at the age of seventeen, announced that he has done the “impossible” by successfully the PS3, and it only took him a total of five weeks. Hotz (who goes by the alias geohot) does, however, give credit to the PS3 as being a “pretty secure system.”

“It’s supposed to be unable, but nothing is unable,” Hotz told the BBC. Hotz admitted that while he had not managed to the entire system, he was able to “trick” the console into doing whatever he wanted by using a hardware .

The could potentially allow the PS3 to play older PS2 games, and could also allow people to play pirated games or run homebrew software. However, Hotz has officially stated that he crted the for resrch purposes only, and that he in fact does not condone piracy at all.

Hotz has not relsed the full details of the /, but says that he will eventually, just as he did with the iPhone, and he continues to work on the as we spk.

“I have the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahd of me,” writes Hotz on the personal blog that he uses to record his progress. At the time of this writing, Hotz is currently able to rd and write to the PS3's memory, and is discovering the function (coding) names used the system’s software.

Five weeks and--eight blog posts--later, geohot has been able to get farther than anyone has in the past three yrs. Whether you’re a gamer, fellow , or game company, you can either love or hate the guy, but you will have admit it: he’s good.

SkyPe Rival Google Voice with Chrome Support

Google Voice is still restricted to its long waiting period, but if you're registered for Google's forwarding system the update to the Google Voice Notifier makes it a must-have. It brings both Google Voice ftures and some smartphone-style one-click powers to the Chrome browser for , Mac, and Linux.
The ftures themselves are not remarkable, but do bring Voice some parity with similar Skype ftures and add-ons. The extension makes phone s on Web sites callable via Google Voice by just clicking on them. You can place calls and send free text messages by typing any or contact name, and you can view the most recent messages you've received. The toolbar button displays the of unrd messages you've gotten and offers fairly quick access to recent messages and their transcripts.

Most phone s are clickable, but not all of them. For those that aren't, which includes s in Google Calendar, highlighting a phone will open the click-to-call pop-up. In the extension's Options menu, you can toggle the clickable s option and set which tab the toolbar button defaults to, or dctivate it entirely.

Voicemail playback isn't supported in the current version, although Google says that it's being worked on.

Android to overtake iPhone by 2013

Accoring to the new report of IDC. It can be possible that Google One android operating system could overtake iPhone and in nr future.

Android will rise to be the second most used mobile OS in the world by 2013, according to a new IDC estimate. Analysts still expect Symbian to hold on to its ld but that Google's OS will have grown 100 times larger since starting off in 2008, rching 68 million three yrs from today. The prediction doesn't immediately gauge the position of BlackBerry, iPhone or Mobile but expects all three to be eclipsed.

The upset would come about as a virtue of the Android ecosystem. As more companies start making Android , the platform should become the default choice for those who aren't making their own operating systems and will replace both Linux and Mobile in these ars. and RIM are the only manufacturers for their platforms and limit their exposure as a result.

's security, mnwhile, should come from its established dominance in ars outside of North America. Linux and webOS are the only major platforms expected to struggle, as the former will likely lose out to Android while webOS' relatively limited availability could hurt, even as it grows overall.

Android remained small for most of its first yr but has rapidly grown through late 2009 and rly 2010 as companies like , , , , and have all launched their own using the software. In some cases, companies have either started off using Android for their first smart or even replaced some if not all of their Linux and Mobile devices with the more modern, open OS.

Review of iTablet

ThumZ uP:-

1) High Specs
Nobody likes a slow laggy device and the good news for , and all who sail with her, is that this is usually something the company gets right. The combination of software and hardware design mns that Jobs and Co. know just what level of components are required to make their machines run properly. The word is that the iSlate won't have an Atom chip at its hrt which lds us to wonder whether it's going to be something similar or the kind you'd find in a full size latop; maybe something with more than one core? Combine that with a good chunk of RAM and GPU at lst as powerful as the graphics device inside the iPhone and there's all the foundations of a rlly interesting unit.

2) Multitasking
With a multi-core CPU and enough crunching memory too, there's every rson a tablet could multitask. Let's face it, plenty of other smart offer this alrdy. Until now, has kept this out of its mobile offerings but with a home tablet, you're going to need a little more flexibility at your fingertips. Someone's on a call with you, or otherwise, and maybe you want to send them a link or browse some pertinent information on the internet and you'll need to be running more than one appliion at a time. The very fact that a tablet is for such a fluid environment mns that it's going to need to be a bit of a Swiss Army Knife - often with two of those blades out at any one time.

3) You can watch your on it
One classic hope for a home tablet would be to be able to take the show you're watching on your main set to another room as you need. Whether by a adaptor or otherwise, ching transmissions direct from your main panel and display them on the small portable screen anywhere about the house would be a rl bonus. Perfect for keeping up with domestic life while bringing the entertainment with you. Take this one step further and perhaps you could even tap into the source over the internet and 3G network while out and about but with mobile data speeds and prices, that might be pushing it.

4) An HD or OLED screen
Doubtless viewing s is going to be a big part of life on the tablet. So as good a screen as possible would be a rl winner. An OLED or AMOLED would be the obvious choice here to provide glorious crisp contrast, wonderful deep colours and all at a low power outage to keep the battery lasting as long as possible. The downside, of course, is that such a display would probably send the price of thing through the roof. So, an equally good shout would be an HD resolution L. Pixel density makes watching s on the iPhone a grt experience, so factor that up to a tablet size device and we rlly have to be talking about a 1080p display.

5) E-ink mode
It seems that the New York Times and others are brokering dls with to supply newspaper and magazine content for the tablet and there's even word of book publishers like Harper Collins getting in on the action too. As much as we're getting used to rding on L screens for longer periods of time, if the iSlate could switch the display to e-ink or e-paper mode, then not only would it be the first to be able to do so but it would mn it could grab a massive chunk of the eRder market too. That alone could offer financial success. For the consumer, of course, it would mn one less device to carry around a brk for dry-balls everywhere.

ThumZ DowN:-

1) It runs OS X
We're not slating the Mac OS. Everyone knows it's good but to rlly get it to work, you need a board. Touchscreens are all fun and games but the minute you need to do a fair bit of typing, it'll start to lose it's edge. OS X is a desktop operating system. iPhone OS is for touchscreens. The functionality of the full software would certainly be appling, and perhaps very tempting seeing as there's a good chance that the hardware in the iTablet would allow people to run it, but it's rlly too fiddly for finger operation alone - finger and thumb too.

The way to get round that might be to add a slideout QWERTY but there's all sorts of cascading problems out of that decision too. First, it makes it bigger, hvier and more clunky and, second, there's something of admitting deft about it. It would almost be saying that couldn't engineer something simple and intuitive enough to work without having to drop a big old piece of kit on top of such a lovely svelte device. That's not what the Cupertino creed is about.

2) Connectivity Issues
As a portable tablet for home and on the go, it's going to need the holy trinity of connection - 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. What's more, if it can't strm content over your home network, then it's a dd loss too. Naturally, 3G is a must to do anything with it internet based and away from home, and Wi-Fi it will most certainly have. If there's no media strming option, then the user is stuck with side-loading or synching over the internet at best. The first would be a terrible ball and chain and the second both laborious and costly once you've factored in the MobileMe subscription.

Bluetooth might seem like an odd one but there's one important use and that's for making hands free phone calls. It could be circumvented partially by a rlly good spkerphone system but then everyone's going to hr both sides of your conversation which you might not necessarily want.

3) Poor battery life
For any mobile device these days, functionality versus battery life is the million dollar trade off. Get this one wrong and you cripple your product. With so much expected and so much possible from the iTablet , it's going to need one hell of an efficient and powerful battery. It has to keep up with the demands of being left on the sofa for a couple of hours before being needed again. Some efficient power management from the software would be a big help as would a low-voltage processors. It's also another rson why we might not see multitasking. How the company organises docking will also be an interesting one to watch for.

4) No stand and no spkers
Obvious ones rlly but this tablet is going to need to be totally hands free from time to time. A 10-inch, or therbouts, device is going to get tiring to hold for the length of an entire , so some kind of clever kick stand or perhaps dock is going to be needed. Its omission might not be a total disaster and naturally would spring dollar signs onto the eyeballs of Belkin and Griffin and pals but having no built-in spkers might be harder to stomach. If this thing is to be taken about the house and used in different settings, then chaining it to you rs via hd cable would be both taxing and rather impractical, particularly if you're trying to do the washing up while listening to Spotify at the same time, say.

5) It's thick and hvy
Make this thing too big and there's going to be little point in choosing a tablet over a laptop. , of course, is unlikely to make this kind of mistake. One of the pillars on which the company has rebuilt its comeback is that of design and with Jonathan Ive at the helm, it'd be a shocker to say the lst if the iTablet wasn't as carefully crted as the iPhone, iPod and all the iMacs before it. That said, anyone can make a mistake.

Revl s Attacks

revl that it was targeted by some advanced attacks by s last month on January at same time when Google network has been targeted by Chinese s. In annual report filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, confirmed that it had been hit in January by s.

" network were regularly facing the s attempts to gain unauthorized access through the internet over their information technology systems and security boards. It’s the same incident occur with Google network last month in January 2010 around the same time as the recently publicized security incident reported by Google."

Although, did not revl whether the attacks had resulted in accessing or stling company's confidential data or information. For its part, Google acknowledged that s had stolen data when it broke the news last month that it and other major Western corporations had been struck with what it called "highly sophistied and targeted" attacks.

Live Messenger 2010 Screenshots

Live Messenger 2010 Pictures has been on internet. is completely going to change the way and look of Messenger and its ftures. Let’s have a closer look at new Live Messenger Wave 4 Milestone 3 screenshots and pictures.
You can see WLM 2010 is completely changed from its previous relsed of Live Messenger 2009. In WLM 2010 you can see "Social Panel" separately showing the updates of your all social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) and on right panel you can see Live Contacts list. Live Messenger 2010 also apprs to have support for more popular social networks than just Facebook, Twitter and Live, similarly like Phone 7 Series is receiving.
Facebook is not only showing your friends status update and latest feeds but also it will show you photos, profiles, news and more updates. is also going to integrate SkyDrive support in Live Messenger 2010 so that users can access their online data quite sily from Messenger It self. is also adding some new Emotions and Winks in new messenger. So just wait for the final build.

Amazon Kindle App for BlackBerry

Amazon is now offering its Kindle App for BlackBerry users. Amazon online retailer and reseller are alrdy elaborated with Amazon Kindle Appliions that let people rd books on the Computers, iPhone Touch and iPod Touch, but customers have to purchase rights of particular books to rd it on any of these devices. Amazon has now included Black Berry Smartphone in this list; So Black Berry users can also rd books on their smart . Amazon will soon include Macs and iPads in those lists, But Amazon didn't mention any news about including Android smart in press relses.
According to the Ian Freed (Amazon's Vice president for Kindle App)
"Since the launch of our popular Kindle for iPhone app last yr, customers have been asking us to bring a similar experience to the BlackBerry, and we are thrilled to make it available today"
Amazon Kindle Appliion is now supporting seven models of BlackBerry Smartphone’s listed below.Black Berry Bold 9000Black Berry Bold 9700Black Berry Curve 8520Black Berry Curve 8900Black Berry Storm 9530Black Berry Storm 9550Black Berry Tour 9630

7 Update (KB971033) Stop 7

has relsed an update against Non-uine 7 to trace their copies of . For those users who have uinely activate their won't be effect through this update but for those peoples who are using the pirate copy or non-uine copy of 7 may be faced some serious issues on their . The new update will be delivered via Update, with title of “Update for (KB971033)”; Users can also download this update manually from Download Center.
After Effects:This update of will detect more than 70+ known and potentially dangerous and non-uine copies. Dctivate their copies of and bypass their copies of processIf any non or s found, the desktop wallpaper will be switched to a plain desktop (all of the customer’s desktop icons, gadgets, or pinned appliions stay in place). Periodic reminders and a persistent desktop watermark act as further alerts to the customer.Customer has to re-install their copy of 7 or buy the uine copy of for the future used of their .For user who wants to install update KB971033 to verify the uine copy of their 7 system can download the update manually from Download Center:
32-bit (x86): 6.1-KB971033-x86.msu64-bit (x64): 6.1-KB971033-x64.msuSolution:You can get rid of this 7 (KB971033) de update and also make your 7uinehere.

Top 10 Web Brands of January 2010

According to the latest statistics to know top 10 web brands of January 2010. Facebook holds the highest time occupied website for users of the month January, Out of 200+ million peoples who used the web in the United States last month, more than 116 million peoples were used facebook. The interesting fact is that Google is one website which holds highest of Unique Audience of 152,708. Facebook holds the highest Facebook Users Average of 7 hrs a Month with a 5.80% change in MOM UA. Facebook holds its position strong to be the most popular website amongst many people all over the world.
Here is a statistic report of Top Web Brands for January 2010 (U.S. Home and Work users)

Phone 7 Series Launched

As we know has relsed its most awaited Phone 7 (formerly Mobile). Now you have to use this new name of Worlds most classic Smartphone knows as Phone 7. The company has introduced the new mobile OS at Mobile World Congress 2010. has changed many of its old ftures to the latest technology; Most of the new ftures are included in Phone 7, like, fturing a completely altered home screen and user interface experience, robust Xbox LIVE and Zune integration, and vastly new and improved social networking tools and software’s.
Let’s have a quick look on the phone 7 .

No Flash in Mobile 7: Confirmed

After so many rumors regarding Flash integration in Mobile 7, is now confirmed that there is no Flash support in upcoming Mobile 7 OS. Unfortunately, the actual quote carried by Phone Scoop doesn't mention Mobile 7 or any other Mobile versions:
" and are working closely together. While the newest version of Phone won't support Flash at initial availability, both companies are working to include a browser plug-in for the full Flash player in future versions of Phone. More details will be shared at MIX next month."
As we know that the latest version of mobile is 6.5.3 can still works with Flash 10.1 beta (Not confirmed). And since we can't find the statement of Flash Integration on any of its usual press channels, we can't say for sure this quote is related to Mobile 7. Let’s hope that it will integrate in the initial builds of Mobile 7 series.

Mobile 7 Pictures

's forthcoming Mobile 7 OS pictures and interface banner has been . You can see in mobile 7 screenshots that Xbox Live has been added and also there are some changes in the interface of Home screen for the OS. In mobile 7 the icons for call, messages, e-mails are big and this is reflect that it will be helpful for big fingers persons and also there is a section of Social networking website Facebook and Pictures. There is no more details and update are available regarding the hardware now, but it definitely looks to be the rl dl.
Mobile 7 Photos:

Download Free Tm Viewer Software - Net Meeting

TmViewer is one of the best Remote Access and Net meeting software available today. A computer software which support package for remote control access, desktop sharing, and file transfer between one computer to another computers without having the same connection of LAN. The software can operate with both and Mac OS X and functions even if the computers are protected by firewalls and NAT proxy. It is also possible to access a machine running Tmviewer with a web browser. While the main focus of the appliion is to facilitate desktop support and remote control access of computers. TmViewer has over 15 million users operating in 50 countries worldwide.

How it Works?

To use TmViewer, you just have to crte a session with your partner. For this you have to provide a unique User name and of yours to your partner and they will call your desktop by remote access and you will then accept your partner request and then you both can share your Operating access with ch other in simple way. It’s quite sy to access both computers at the same time with out having any problem.

Download TmViewer Software for remotely access connection with your friends and get connected!

iPhone 4th eration Pictures

iPhone repair website, iResQ, has the iPhone 4th eration pictures. According to the site is going to launced its 4th eration iPhone with some changes. According to the s is not going to change all body look, but has changed the front panel of the iPhone is approximately 1/4 of an inch taller than that of the iPhone 3GS. The screen is also longer and crystal, but we don’t know exact msurements. Additionally, there seems to be some sort of “reflective, mirror-like surface” that sits right above the spker.

According to the site the iPhone 4th L is "factory glued", like the previous and the first eration of iPhone. No more hardware related updates and details are available. But i will surely keep updates my rder soon on more iPhone 4th eration.

New Google Buzz Ftures - Gmail Buzz Social Networking

Google Buzz is Google's another latest ftures they have introduced in Gmail. Its look like after the Google Wave now Google Buzz is also all set to gain peoples attentions. Google Buzz is look like an internal social networking fture within Gmail. People don’t have to worry about new website they just have to get connected with their friends and family within Gmail account.
Google Buzz is almost works like Twitter, facebook and friendsfeed status updates and sharing s and photos. Gmail Buzz and Google Wave are not same. But Google Buzz adopts the most popular and common ftures of Google Wave due to which Google Wave come on dth watch. Google Wave offers the fture of Media sharing’s, Photos sharing, sharing and get connected with friends with voice and apps. But the Best fture of Google Buzz is loion which is not in Google Wave.New Google Buzz Ftures:Gmail Supporting (E-mail, Chat etc)Status and Post updates in one placeGet connected with friends within GmailFollow your friendsBuzz your friendsShare photos, s, status with your followersInbox SupportQuick sharing and start conversationSee updates from your friends and followersI think Google is going to change the way people get connect and makes peoples work quite sier to find all things under one platform.
Check this for more!!

Customize theme and look

7 is latest stylish after XP and Vista. Many people love the glassy effects in 7 and also in vista. But with the compatibility issue with vista many people didn’t used it frequently, But after vista relsed its best operating system with stability knows as 7. People love it and used it as a primary operating system after XP. 7 is different from vista and xp in term of stability and also in look wize. Many XP users doesn’t afford core hardware for 7 and vista, that’s why they love to customize the look of xp as look like 7 and vista.

So for those people who wants to completely customize their ? I prefer them to used stardock window blinds. Window blinds is one of the popular software from stardock which totally transform your xp and make it look like 7 or vista. You cannot even see the difference between rl and artificial. Because WindowBlinds extends the existing painting routines of the operating system, it uses very little memory. You can choose thousands of free skins from their, you can customize to look like another a new take on the standard look, a totally different OS, or something completely different or any other look you want.

Download Link
Current Version: 7.0

Mig33 Chatting Software for Mobile

There are several chatting software’s are available for mobile devices, but people faced many problem with them. One of my rders asked me which is the best mobile software for communiion and chatting and he wants to get all ftures in one software. So today I am sharing one of the popular and best chatting software with you. Mig33 is one of the grt and fture loaded communiion and chatting software for mobile device today. Mig33 provide popular messengers support like Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger, Google Talk etc. Not only messengers but also Mig33 support several social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and inbuilt chatting ftures of mig33 chat world.

Mig33 also provide several ftures for calling in c rate, send SMS to your friends in all over the world with free of cost and also they provide social networking platform for mig33 users to interact with ch other. What more you want from one software? I think its one of the best chatting and communiion software. Try it and you will be plsed by their services.

Mig33 Ftures:

Faster & keeps you connected better than ever before:
Up to 4 times faster in starting up, viewing profiles and other activities
Auto reconnect - mig33 is the only chat appliion that reconnects if you have network disconnects and keeps all your info active

Uses even less data than competitors:
Half the size of other messaging apps
Cached ftures mn mig33 looks better, runs faster and still keep data usage to a minimum
Can turn on and off updates and chatroom tabs as you need them

New ftures including:
Chatroom portal - a new interface so now you can bookmark your favorite chat rooms and see recent rooms you have visited
Call friends by name - in chatrooms or on your friends list, you can call friends needing to share phone s

Better look makes mig33 sier to use:
You can show only online friends in your friends list
Status icons are sier to rd
Menu flows have been redesigned to gets you to where you want faster

Try it now!Download Link
Current Version: v4.20

Google Map for Mobile

Google Maps and Google rth is one of the best technology to find your require place or city by your online devices. Full version of Google rth is only capable with computers or laptops but you can also used Google Maps in your mobile devices or smart . It will not only solved your need but also provide you full online support and provide you full map support with your mobile device.
Download and install Google Maps to your mobile , and never carry other map paper again with you. And with the brand new Google Latitude fture, see your friends' loions and status messages, and share yours with them.
Google Maps for mobile support most of the Symbian S60, Mobile, BlackBerry, and Java-enabled mobile .

Google Maps :

Download Link:
Download Google Map for mobile

Drive more traffic to your website

If you are rlly concern about your website traffic then you should focus on driving more traffic in different ways. Internet is a bunch of a website and every minute there is new website published and every new website needs a customer and visitors, because without any traffic or visitors there is no rson of making a website. The best possible way to get more traffic to a website is to build back links to your website or you can say the links which loe your website.
Google and other srch engines only consider a quality back links. So you have to focus on quality and do-follow back links. There are two types of back links which are counted. One is Do-Follow and other is No-Follow. Many people says that there is no used of No-Follow links but in my opinion No-Follow links have potential also as like Do-Follow. But the main thing that Do-Follow links can do for your website is to build strong back links on the eye of srch engines. Which rlly helps your website to get more traffic? Many websites are providing opportunity for a webmasters to build back links on their websites. You can find many of them on Google. Just type “Do-Follow Directories”. You will find many website directories, do-follow blogs, social bookmarking websites, Do-follow articles, forums etc.
Another yet important factor to drive traffic is Social Networking websites. Social networking websites are now one of the best and effective ways of providing traffic in time to time. Almost every person today using every social networking websites, some of the famous one is Facebook, Twitter, Friendsfeed etc. You can contact with people live and keep them update with your content then they will follow your website and you can get some potential customers from that social networking websites.

iPad Apps and Games

iPad may not have many ftures like iPhone. But iPad has now become one of the grt technologies which has introduced after iPhone or iPad. There are many tablet pc's are come before iPad. And many companies are now starting working on tablet pc. also has touch screen technology known as Surface. But iPad have potential to not make their users disappoint from the lake of ftures.
Many people like the big screen of iPad and they rlly feels that it almost the best choice for their entertainments. According to the latest report. People are getting much interest in iPad because of its large and thin display. They love to watch in that big screen and also they like to play their favorite games on it.
According to the iPad can run all the Apps and games of iPhone. So people can also play that appliions and games in their iPad without ant conflict. Many developers are also getting engaged with iPad development to develop some of the effective games and appliions for iPad users and which PC or online games would be ripe for iPad trtment. So it’s rlly grt news for them.

Facebook Photo Uploader Tool

Facebook is soon going to be launched its rebuilt photo uploader for facebook users. People who upload photos on daily basis will love this tool. This tool will makes work quite sier and faster as facebook is one of the largest photo sharing website today. Almost every user uploads billions of photos every month.
Facebook says that company has rebuilt the photo uploader to run as a browser plugin, which should extenuate the bugs and other problems that users have sometimes faced with it to date. For doing this and used this plugin users have to install the plugin in their browsers. The setups will only takes a minutes or seconds. By this method users are able to upload all photos at same time without any restrictions.

Crte Static Pages for Blogger

After the long and hard work Blogger has now introduced Static Pages for their blogspot users. Yes finally blogger is comes up with their most awaited fture in blogger like Wordpress. Now users can add upto 10 pages in their blog like a normal website pages. Mostly people were thinking that it’s impossible in blogspot, but blogger make them wrong. People not only add pages in their blog but also add widgets and other content on it. I personally like it that blogger is now moves to another step towards changes.
It’s quite sy to add pages in blogger blog. You just have to go on your blogger dashboard and click on edit post and then upward you will see new option of “Edit Pages”. Their you can add upto 10 more pages in your blog like about me page, contact me page, services page or any other pages you need in your blog and you can also config your pages setting according to your choice. That’s it. Don’t you think blogger is making it quite sy?
If you like it then comments. Thank you

Amazon worlds largest online retailer

Amazon is one of the world's largest online retailer providing online shopping solutions to people all over the world, Amazon is iconic companies of the Internet era. Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, a former financial analyst for the New York hedge fund D.E. Shaw & Company. Amazon aim is to provide world’s largest online bookstore along the way and Amazon is also focusing to expand its business in several dimensions. It addition to selling physical media like s, s and books, it sells digital copies of these products as well.

Amazon not only provides online facility but as well as their services is one of the tremendous services in online industry today. Above all they provide time to time new products to their consumers and also occasionally provide products at home with rsonable price.

Internet users can also join Amazon Affiliate program to make the most of from their online websites or blog. They are providing Amazon Associates Program. Which is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog? I am also one of their affiliate partners.

Vivaz Review

After introducing XPERIA X10 now is yet comes up with latest Smart Phone known as Vivaz. The Vivaz, formerly known as the Kurara has now gained a hands-on review and we bring you said Vivaz hands-on courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile.

Spec wise the Vivaz is basically the same as reported with the Kurara with just a name change; however those specs are a 3.2 inch WVGA touch screen, 8 megapixel camera with geo-tagging, stabilization, and HD recording.

’s latest multimedia-centric phone, the Vivaz, follows on from the Xperia X10 and is the second phone in the new family of communiion entertainment coming to market 2010. Some say the Vivaz, announced today, looks to bring some serious competition to the smartphone scene with its HD-capable, 8.1 Megapixel camera that can shoot 720p . The Vivaz also ftures 8GBs of storage, a 3.2” screen, out of the box Facebook and Twitter integration, access to upload onto YouTube and Picasa in high resolution while still using other ftures on the handset via Wi-Fi, and a bunch of other bells and whistles.

“User-erated content, especially , is exploding on the web,” said Lennard Hoornik, Hd of Marketing, . “With Vivaz , we have crted a mobile phone that makes it sy to ch life in high quality and upload that self expression onto the web to share with the world. Vivaz offers buty inside and out with an open and intuitive user experience allowing consumers to capture, view and share their lives and spontaneity in HD quality.”

The Vivaz will be available in selected markets from Q1 in the colors Moon Silver, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Blue and Venus Ruby.

2010 upgrade program for 2007

As i mentioned rlier is all set to launched its new product 2010 in june and alrdy the product is in RC stage. The suite will be updated for , including ribbon support for all products, and will also be launching 2010 for Mac OS X sometime in 2010. Customers looking to get their hands on 2010 when it comes out later on this yr can do so, and for free. If customers purchase 2007 between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010, will allow you to download and upgrade to 2010 for free.

However, is only allowing certain software programs to be considered upgradable through your program including the following versions of 2007:
How exactly does the program work?

Customers who purchase Home and Student, Standard, Small Business, Professional or Publisher 2007 can upgrade to that a similar version of 2010 when relsed. Standard and Small Business editions will be upgraded to Home and Business & Professional edition.

Customers will be able to download – or order a for a small fee – when 2010 is available to the public. Customers must also purchase one of the above versions of 2007 from an authorized dler.

Consumers will still be eligible for a free upgrade with or without a new purchase of a PC, between March 5 and September 30th. 2007 sales and s must take place during this time frame, in order to qualify for the free upgrade.

A complete list of 2010 appliion include:

* Access 2010
* Excel 2010
* InfoPath Designer 2010
* InfoPath Filler 2010
* OneNote 2010
* Outlook 2010
* PowerPoint 2010
* Publisher 2010
* SharePoint Workspace 2010
* Word 2010
* Communior 2010

Other updated products include:

* Visio 2010 (not included in any 2010 Package)
* Project 2010 (not included in any 2010 Package)

Facebook New Site Design and New Ads Format

To celebrate Facebook 6th Yr. Facebook is now comes up with many new Facebook products and also a new Facebook design. Facebook has been continuously iterating on their new design with the latest version showing a new loion for Facebook Chat. Over the past few weeks we have been receiving messages from users who have been part of Facebook’s ongoing user testing of the new homepage design, however this latest design has one significant change: Facebook Chat has been moved to the sidebar.

There are some fundamental issues with this design, the most significant of which is that the of bookmarked appliions displayed apprs to be limited to 5 and then the user must click on “More” to see more. The new facebook design is seems to be fast and user friendly and people can change it according to their needs.

While the volume of users being tested with the new design apprs to be incrsing, Facebook is still clrly in the process of making ongoing adjustments. The most significant change in this latest iteration is the adjustment of the chat. Aside from that, Facebook is only making subtle adjustments at this point. You can see the difference from the last iteration in the screenshots below.

In addition to consolidating a of links under “Settings”, Facebook is rapidly iterating on the new homepage design which is expected to launch in the next couple months.

Facebook New Ads Format

Facebook is also focusing to change its Advertisement design for a new facebook. Previously, Facebook had tested a format in which 5 advertisements were displayed on ch page. With the new “Suggestions” ar, the of ads has been cut down to 3, the same which has traditionally appred in the sidebar. Limiting the advertising rl estate seems a bit counter intuitive for a company which relies hvily on ad revenue to survive.

As I alrdy mentioned though, perhaps Facebook has shown that the presence of “Suggestions” actually incrses clicks on the advertisements. Do you like the new Facebook design? As an advertiser, are you concerned that it may decrse the performance of ads?

Google stop Gmail supporting for IE 6

Google is also thinking to cutting Gmail support for Internet Explorer 6 due to its inability to handle modern-day web technologies and latest ftures of websites. At that point, it was unclr which services were included in this. ComputerWorld reported that, yesterday, a Google spokesman confirmed that Gmail will be among the apps that Google will no longer support in IE6.

“We plan to stop supporting older browsers for the rest of the Google Apps suite, including Gmail, later in 2010″

While dropping IE6 is an essential step in pushing the Internet forward, Gmail’s inclusion in the list of apps could prove risky, as IE6 still controls 20.07 percent of today’s browser market. True, most Gmail users are probably savvy enough to alrdy be using a more modern web browser, but relying on such an assumption may be a mistake. Perhaps upon visiting Gmail, Google would notify IE6 users of the need to upgrade their browsers. This would be similar to the way Facebook and YouTube have gone about it.

is also in agreement, stating on two separate occasions that “We support this recommendation to move off Internet Explorer 6,” as well as saying that, “ has consistently recommended that consumers upgrade to the latest version of our browser.” Currently, the no-support list for Google Apps includes IE6, Firefox 2.0, Safari 2.0, and even Chrome 3.0. The inclusion of Chrome rlly shows how serious Google is about making the web a place of standards and security.