Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Facebook Available For Mobile Touchscreen Users

A new upgraded fture has now integrated in new Facebook version of Mobile Touchscreen. Many of the ftures which are alrdy available on iPhone Facebook are now available for Mobile (WinMo) touchscreen . Many new facebook app versions are available for many mobile available but people rlly like iPhone Facebook version and now Mobile also supporting some of the popular ftures of facebook. Currently 100 million Facebook users are currently accessing Facebook on their mobile or smart .

New ftures of the Facebook 1.2 for Mobile include:

Post status updates.Access friend requests.Friend srch.Comment and “Like” Wall items.Share photos and status updates to Live sites.Upload pictures and taken directly from the phone.Manage your profile, including updating profile pic.Send messages to Facebook friends, or calling them.Install the app on a memory card instd of native phone memory. (This is due to a recent change in ’s Marketplace, not from the Facebook 1.2 app per se.) If you’re a Mobile user, you’ll need to download the new Marketplace client to your handset to have the ability to install to your memory card.
You can download the app from the Phone Marketplace.

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