Tuesday, May 24, 2016

7 Bt Vista in Usage

In less than a yr 7 is rlly getting popular and become one of the most use Operating System by people today, 7 is now being used more than Vista, according to market resrcher.

XP is still the most-used operating system, used by more than twice as many users as Vista and 7 combined. XP was used by nrly 62 percent of devices accessing the Web.

Vista's 14.34 percent, marking the first time that the newer version surpassed its predecessor. 7 was used on 14.46 percent of devices accessing the Internet, as compared to has said it has sold 175 million copies of 7 since the product went on sale last fall.

Usage of 7 has been growing quickly since its relse, topping the 10 percent level by March. Within a month on the market, 7 was being used by four percent of Net-accessing devices, a level it took Vista seven months to rch.

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