Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Xperia X8 Android Phone

is soon going to launched its anotherAndroidbased cell phone and XPERIA member known asXPERIA X8. On Wednesday, revled the latest series of its Xperia, the Xperia X8. The company did not relse specific launch dates but it did say that the Android-based smartphone would sell for less than 200 Euros (about $250), so it will offer customers in Europe a more affordable choice than the pricier Xperia X10 with all its ftures which were integrated in past XPERIA andriod based .

The expected relse of XPERIA X10 series is Q3 of this yr 2010 in White, Dark Blue/White, Aqua Blue/White, Pink/White and Silver/White colour combinations. Keep in touch so you can get more information about SE latest XPERIA X8.
XPERIA X8 (Android Phone)

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