Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PlayStation 3 Firmware by iPhone

With the arrival of every new console comes a race for s to their way through the new toy's security, and the PS3, after just over six months, has finally been defted.

An has been found in versions 1.10 and 1.11 of the PS3 firmware which has allowed one cunning to boot up copied versions of PS3 games.

Up to this point, just about every gaming console--from the Xbox 360 to the Nintendo DS--has been in some way, usually to allow it to play pirated games. This excluded the PlayStation 3, which remained un for over three yrs, lding many to believe that it is virtually impossible to .

Unfortunately for , the PS 3’s security strk ended today. George Hotz, most famous for being the first person to the iPhone at the age of seventeen, announced that he has done the “impossible” by successfully the PS3, and it only took him a total of five weeks. Hotz (who goes by the alias geohot) does, however, give credit to the PS3 as being a “pretty secure system.”

“It’s supposed to be unable, but nothing is unable,” Hotz told the BBC. Hotz admitted that while he had not managed to the entire system, he was able to “trick” the console into doing whatever he wanted by using a hardware .

The could potentially allow the PS3 to play older PS2 games, and could also allow people to play pirated games or run homebrew software. However, Hotz has officially stated that he crted the for resrch purposes only, and that he in fact does not condone piracy at all.

Hotz has not relsed the full details of the /, but says that he will eventually, just as he did with the iPhone, and he continues to work on the as we spk.

“I have the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahd of me,” writes Hotz on the personal blog that he uses to record his progress. At the time of this writing, Hotz is currently able to rd and write to the PS3's memory, and is discovering the function (coding) names used the system’s software.

Five weeks and--eight blog posts--later, geohot has been able to get farther than anyone has in the past three yrs. Whether you’re a gamer, fellow , or game company, you can either love or hate the guy, but you will have admit it: he’s good.

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