Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crysis 2 Trainer Rlly comming soon - Just... rd below!

New Update:
Well i was planning to have a trainer up for Crysis 2, everything was working fine till i hade to buy a new motherboard since i thought it was , But no it was a memory stick that i hade have for a very long time it smed, but i dident rlise this untill i was almost done with the trainer, soo i thought, hey i will manage perhapse i will just take out the memory stick, but no it was the wrong stick i took soo when i was about to wrap up the trainer everything went from paradise to Hell, well kind off anyways, heres wy! when i finally manage to get a new installation of up to my supprise many of my files were and i hade to almost star from square one, At the time am working like crazy to get all together again to the stage i was in where it was all prepared and just needed to add in the info to the trainer. soo well that should explain why there wasnt any trainer up at the time i thought i would have it up, soo i finally took out that stick but the damage was alrdy done. thats what you get from saying crysis is sy to make a trainer for, hehe, well i am rolling here and doing my best to have it up very soon. backing up like a maniac at the smallest steps.


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