Tuesday, May 24, 2016

shows Flashed iPad

Will 's new iPad support Flash when it ships in March? Not if you trust Steve Jobs' much-picked-over presentation in San Fran on Wednesday - or the current EULA attached to the device's beta SDK. But for some rson, the marketing materials on the website tell a different story.

If you watch 's promo - available either here () or here (YouTube), depending on whether you want to register your precious click in Cupertino or Mountain View - you'll notice that the iPad is displaying Flash content in a New York Times story.

We highly doubt the is displaying some sort of top-secret HTML5-enabled NYT page that was unavailable for Jobs to use during his demo. Either has Flash running on its tablet or someone in marketing didn't want to display NYT pages without colorful slideshows and had the mocked up to look like a Flash browser.

In a blog post rlier this week 's Adrian Ludwig barked that if you want to view one of the millions of web sites that use Flash on your iPad, you'll be "out of luck," citing s from 's iPad launch event.

If you were one of the few who attended the iPad's roll-out on Wednesday in San Fran, you would have witnessed Flash content in an NYT demo not appring when Steve Jobs scrolled through a Flash-enabled page.

does not allow Flash on the iPhone, and iPad apps will share the same SDK. On Wednesday, relsed a beta incarnation of the iPhone SDK - version 3.2 - that adds certain support for the iPad. As of Friday morning, 's iPhone Developer Program Agreement (PDF) still says the platform can't run interpreted , which includes Flash.

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