Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2010 upgrade program for 2007

As i mentioned rlier is all set to launched its new product 2010 in june and alrdy the product is in RC stage. The suite will be updated for , including ribbon support for all products, and will also be launching 2010 for Mac OS X sometime in 2010. Customers looking to get their hands on 2010 when it comes out later on this yr can do so, and for free. If customers purchase 2007 between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010, will allow you to download and upgrade to 2010 for free.

However, is only allowing certain software programs to be considered upgradable through your program including the following versions of 2007:
How exactly does the program work?

Customers who purchase Home and Student, Standard, Small Business, Professional or Publisher 2007 can upgrade to that a similar version of 2010 when relsed. Standard and Small Business editions will be upgraded to Home and Business & Professional edition.

Customers will be able to download – or order a for a small fee – when 2010 is available to the public. Customers must also purchase one of the above versions of 2007 from an authorized dler.

Consumers will still be eligible for a free upgrade with or without a new purchase of a PC, between March 5 and September 30th. 2007 sales and s must take place during this time frame, in order to qualify for the free upgrade.

A complete list of 2010 appliion include:

* Access 2010
* Excel 2010
* InfoPath Designer 2010
* InfoPath Filler 2010
* OneNote 2010
* Outlook 2010
* PowerPoint 2010
* Publisher 2010
* SharePoint Workspace 2010
* Word 2010
* Communior 2010

Other updated products include:

* Visio 2010 (not included in any 2010 Package)
* Project 2010 (not included in any 2010 Package)

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