Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Customize theme and look

7 is latest stylish after XP and Vista. Many people love the glassy effects in 7 and also in vista. But with the compatibility issue with vista many people didn’t used it frequently, But after vista relsed its best operating system with stability knows as 7. People love it and used it as a primary operating system after XP. 7 is different from vista and xp in term of stability and also in look wize. Many XP users doesn’t afford core hardware for 7 and vista, that’s why they love to customize the look of xp as look like 7 and vista.

So for those people who wants to completely customize their ? I prefer them to used stardock window blinds. Window blinds is one of the popular software from stardock which totally transform your xp and make it look like 7 or vista. You cannot even see the difference between rl and artificial. Because WindowBlinds extends the existing painting routines of the operating system, it uses very little memory. You can choose thousands of free skins from their, you can customize to look like another a new take on the standard look, a totally different OS, or something completely different or any other look you want.

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Current Version: 7.0

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