Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Announced 2010 RC Date and Pricing

officials have confirmed that 2010 has moved into the relse candidate stage. The company said it has distributed the software to those in the technology adoption programme.

This mns 2010 is now officially out of beta. Once it's passed the RC state, it will be relsed to manufacturing, then offered for sale.

The relse candidate period will allow for feedback from partners, which can impact the final build. The launch is expected in June, probably close to the end of the month, as the company says it doesn't expect 2010 to have any big effect on third-quarter rnings.

Ramp up, shut down

In a statement, said: “ made a relse candidate available to members in the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). This is one of ’s planned milestones in the engineering process; however they do not have plans to make this new set available broadly.”

As is to be expected, it offers new versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. As of last month, the beta of the software had been downloaded two million times.

The news arrives just as Redmond's finest has announced that the free preview version of 7 will shut down next month. Users will have until 1 March to spend money on the rl thing, or their PCs will automatically shut down every two hours, with work not saved.

2010 prices:

* Professional - $499 boxed, $349 for product
* Professional Academic - $99 boxed only
* Home and Student - $149 boxed, $119 for product
* Home and Business - $279 boxed, $199 for product

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