Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Blch Ht The Soul 4 (PSP Rip).cso Game Free Download

Name: Blch Ht The Soul 4 (PSP Rip).cso Game Free DownloadGernre: Action gameRar size : 166 MBFile type: CSO
Description:Based on the popular anime, Blch: Ht the Soul is the first 3d fighting game published on 's PSP handheld device. Among the selectable fighters are the anim's two main characters Rukia and Renji. For the sake of all fans of the series, the original voice characters from the animation series have been adopted for all voice actings used in the game. Blch supports versus battles via wireless communiion, up to two players can fight simultaneously.
Get rdy for Blch: Ht of the Soul 4 in your PSP. The fourth installment of the popular anime series is back, and this time it is even bigger than before! Blch: Ht of the Soul 4 ftures over 70 characters that would allow players to spend endless hours to see which character is the best fit for them. The fighting game will offer players the opportunity to play as Hollow Ichigo, the Vizards, and many others. Beside its massive library of characters, it also ftures about 30 missions in its Mission Battle Mode and a new battle system. The graphic and special effect is even better than the other three installments. Blch: Ht of the Soul 4 has so much to offer, it will definitely be the hottest and grtest fighting game for the PSP!!


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