Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ThyrusHolo KIT KAT Black Theme v5.3 Apk MediaFire

Use ONLY if you are using AOKP, CyanoMod or a similar ROM that is current and has the theme chooser installed/enabled.

CM11 (or similar 4.4.2 kitkat AOSP roms with theme chooser) is the best option for the theme. It MAY work on CM10.2, but rlly is only guaranteed for CM11.

If you prefer a light themed version, feel free to use the light edition of my Kit Kat theme on the market with a holo.light dialer/messaging app.

It is based on my other popular themes on Google Play, so I would recommend you check these out before you purchase this special edition.

If you use the quick response in MMS.apk, make sure you enable “dark theme” in the MMS/SMS settings.
This is tested and will work on CM10 and AOKP ROMs. Custom ROMs that deviate from these such as Paranoid Android may introduce issues as these ROMs deviate strongly and some ftures may not support themes.

- Works best on CM11
- In order to allow no background for statusbar and navbar, plse use a custom rom that supports that (such as AOKP), I cannot theme this via theme chooser unfortunately.
- CM11 Dialer only themed when using CM11 based ROMs as of January 29th 2014 (incudes the relevant changes to make dialer themable)

Apply theme, then reboot. Reboot is also required after a theme update is installed.
Getting”improperly compiled” error?. Set to system theme, reboot, then apply.

Missing assets/screen size? Apply anyway
- Added custom white statusbar icons (for those that use a themed ROM but do not like the customizations)
- Kitkat inspired dialer
- Added a semi-transparent widget background for most system widgets
- No dividers in settings and other sub- and pop-up menus
- Themed pop-up and settings menus
- Black background for dialer and contact/people app
- Themed MMS and people app (fully themed)
- Themed Google Now
- Themed Play Store
- Themed Play Music
- Themed Browser
- Themed Gmail
- Themed Email
- Themed Google Translate
- Themed Google Drive

Previous changelog:
- Updated for CM11 commits to Dialer and DocumentsUI (starting with nightlies Jan 28)
- More modifiions to pressed effect in quicksetting tiles and textfields as well as text highlights and list pickers – all de-blued
- Brought back dialog box glow effect (subtle) for holo dark
- Updated for CM11 commits to Dialer and DocumentsUI (starting with nightlies Jan 28)
- Gmail – removed brthing notifiion icon, fixed issue with overflow menu not being visible in message_hder, fixed issue introduced with 4.2 (white highlight in side drawer)
- Text marker (start, middle and end) now grey (to be visible in light and dark apps) instd of holo blue
- Updated for CM11 commits to Dialer and DocumentsUI (starting with nightlies Jan 28)
- fixed one minor issue with Dialer digits background
- Many changes to remove even more blue for holo.light and holo.dark (especially dialog box hders and dividers and other places)
- fixed some minor inconsistencies in light themed apps (scrubbers etc)
- Other small updates
- De-blued scrubber s (eg volume controls)
- De-blued horizontal progressbars
- Added theming for new AOKP quicksetting icons (immersive mode, sound modes etc)
- Navbar highlights now white(ish) instd of blue
- Changed Deskclock/clock theming (no more holo blue)
- Improved popup panel visibility (contrast frame) for dark popups, removed SMS icon themeing
- fixed the gmail list picker in compose view
- fixed blue font in play store side drawer

What’s New
- Adressed f/c issue when opening Music settings
- Bugfixes to Play Music overflow icons not visible
- Updated for Play Music version 5.4.14
- Enabled incoming fullscreen-call theme for latest CM11 nightly and uberdialer additions
- Changes on the dialer and some other minor edits
- Pressed effects for recent apps grey
- Small changes in the dialog popup (little less transparent)


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