Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tracker PRO v3.8 Apk MediaFire

Superior GPS tracking app. Running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, biking, flying, gliding. The best ftured app to record your GPS track and monitor your performance and cardio fitness.
★ Live tracking
★ Speed, distance, time, pace, altitude gain/loss
★ Training plans
★ Hrt rate*
★ Brthing rate***
★ Skin temperature***
★ Cadence**
★ Voice trainer feedback
★ Personal Bests
★ Performance
★ Auto facebook/twitter
★ Groups
★ Friends
★ Replay my tracks on Google maps
★ Rltime zoomable charts
★ Wther
★ Calories
★ Race yourself
★ Export in GPX, CSV, KML from the website

* Polar wrlink or Zephyr BLUETOOTH or ANT+ HRM required
** Zephyr Hxm or ANT+ footpod or bike sensor required
*** Zephyr BioHarness required

Compatible with Zephyr Hxm, Zephyr Bioharness and Polar Wrlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth®

What’s New
V3.8 Personal Bests are now yrly instd of all time. Current and previous yrs PBs can be viewed on your profile page. The old groups are replaced by automatic group rankings, links to your group rankings are on the left of your profile page. More changes coming soon including the option to remove a track from your personal bests. So for the new yr it’s a good time to get out and set some sson personal bests.


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