Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hidden Ftures on Galaxy Note 3

Besides the S-Pen with Air Command function or the impressive multi-tasking ability, the latest phablet by is equipped with high-level security ftures and convenience from the perfect companion Galaxy Gr.

Galaxy Note 3 is currently the highest-end smartphone in the market by . Together with powerful specifiion and a big full-HD screen, this is the product with the most ftures and technology. The Galaxy Note 3 possesses many useful hidden functions besides the more familiar ftures like multi-tasking or S-pen.

Knox security
Knox security is integrated with several Android smart of like Galaxy Note 3 or S4 (with Android 4.3). Users can download this app for free from Apps instd of Google Play.

Knox can be found in folder Apps or downloaded free from ’s online App store
Knox can turn a Galaxy Note 3 into two separate smart: one for personal use and the other strictly secured for work. Users can switch between these two modes using the Notifiion tray. A is required when switching from one mode to another to prevent unauthorized access.
In Knox mode, all files, s and s are encrypted and inaccessible from the personal account. Similarly, contacts or calls made in Knox do not appr on the normal contact list, and emails are separated from those crted in personal mode.

Not every app can be installed on Knox. Instd, provides a list of appliions designed and optimized for Knox mode only ( Knox Apps). However, one significant limitation in Knox mode is that there is no messaging app.

Signature Screen Lock

Users can switch to Signature Screen Lock mode in Settings -> Lock Screen
In addition to setting by patterns, PIN or pass , Note 3 also provides a Signature Screen Lock mode. This fture offers lower security than patterns, PIN or pass, because of the inaccuracy in user’s signature or phone’s recognition.

As this fture only supports the S-Pen, it requires first-time users to spend time and lrn.

Quick unlock by Galaxy Gr

Not only showing notifiions and connecting to Note 3, Gr also makes the use of Note 3 more convenient.
If users want to secure the phone without typing security , they can use Galaxy Gr. With the quick unlock fture in Gr app, security lock will be turned off automatically and return to the normal screen when putting the watch nr the screen.

It has been demonstrated that this fture has a high level of sensitivity. The radius is within 0.5m from the phone, enough to lock the phone right after the user lves.

Locking a lost Galaxy Note 3
Instd of using Android Manager App available on Android, integrates the loion and security appliion, using Account to confirm. Basically, it is similar to the security mode for devices using iOS 7.

After signing in the account on the first , every time users restore to factory settings or delete all data, Galaxy Note 3 will ask for signing in the account. If the phone is lost, others will not be able to delete all data or restore the device.

On the other hand, Account also allows re-loing Note 3 or deleting all the important data from another device when phone is lost or taken by others.

Loing phone by Galaxy Gr

Galaxy Gr and Note 3 are connected by Bluetooth.
In case Note 3 is left somewhere or hidden by others, it can be found by using a connected Galaxy Gr.

integrates Find My Device fture in Gr’s Apps. When needed, users can press Start on the watch’s screen, and Galaxy Note 3 will automatically turn on screen, vibrate and ring even when it is in silent mode or its notifiions were turned off.

Vice versa, users can also use Note 3 to loe and find Gr. This fture works within 10m from the device.

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